Mezzanine Floor Specification Case Study Images

Ace Systems have been established for 30 years as manufacturers & install structural steel mezzanine floors and ancillary products including staircases, walkways and gantries.  A personal service is offered to clients based throughout the UK and Western Europe.

About our products
Our structural steel floors are used to double floor area in buildings where available headroom permits. This increased space can be used typically for either storage, workspace or offices

Not only are our floors designed to comply with relevant British Standards, but Building Regulations Approval should also be obtained from the relevant Local Authority. We attempt to ease the headache of designing a floor and assist the end user in planning staircase locations and escape routes as well as advising on fire protection, at the same time ensuring that all standards are met and regulations adhered to

The obvious benefit is that a floor can be rapidly installed (because it is delivered pre-fabricated in kit form) and is a substantially lesser cost alternative to moving premises completely. Additionally we provide any necessary fire protection to the underside of our floors and supply demountable partitioning to provide custom made offices or workspace. Floors cost from 90.00 per sq. metre installed - just think how much it would cost to move premises - increased rent, rates, actual moving costs, etc