Mezzanine Floor Specification Case Study

  • Design Loadings from BS 6399

  • General office 3.5kN/m2

  • Light industrial 5.0kN/m2

  • General storage 4.8kN/m2

  • Heavy storage 7.2kN/m2

  • Paper storage 9.6kN/m2

General Description
Galvanised cold rolled "C"-section secondary joists are connected to hot rolled universal beams. The universal beams are supported upon a grid of rectangular hollow section upright columns. Loads are spread into the concrete floor through square mild steel base plates on each upright column
Floor Construction
A choice of cost effective over sailed construction or headroom optimizing inset construction is available. The joists of inset floors are cleated to the webs of the universal beams, whereas the joists of over sailed floors simply sit on the top flange of the universal beams. Floors of inset construction are generally 5-10% more expensive than over sailed floors.
38mm Moisture Resistant P5 heavy duty flooring chipboard is most commonly used. This can resist point loads from shelving systems and pallet trucks. The decking is fixed to the joists using time-saving winged self-drilling and self-tapping screws. Checker plate (Durbar) and open steel flooring are also available.
Accessories  Staircases Mid - and top-landings - Handrail - Sliding or swing access gates - Pellet Gate - Toe board edge protection - Fire Protection
Finishes Chipboard decking - Purlins galvanised - Other steelwork - painted
Our floors are supported upon a grid of upright columns. These columns are generally of square hollow section welded to square plate bases. The most cost effective grid layout is approximately 5m x 4m although not everyone wants a floor in exact multiples of these measurements so there must obviously be some leeway! Unless these columns can be concealed by partitioning, the vast majority of our customers want the clear spans between columns to be as large as possible to facilitate access. Theoretically there is no limit to these spans although practically, not only does the floor thickness increase to an intolerable level, but also the cost and difficulty of installing the floor increases significantly.
Our free quotation service
is fully computerised to ensure prompt and efficient return of quotations. Our floors are designed using the latest CAD technology which extends to auto-dimensioning of components. To expedite production, drawings are frequently e-mailed to clients for approval.
Our floors are designed to comply not only with all relevant British Standards but also with the latest requirements of the Local Authority Building Regulations, and are manufactured using modern fabrication equipment. From our works in Bristol we supply floors to sites throughout the UK. Floors are generally delivered on flat-bed lorries fitted with cranes to assist offloading. No project is too small or too large. To assist production, the overhead hoist in our works enables us to easily manoeuvre individual pieces up to 3 Tonnes.